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For 80 years, Waterloo Printing has been a trusted print partner in the KW region—and beyond.

While technologies and markets change, two things have consistently defined our entire history—our commitment to our customers, and our commitment to uncompromising quality. You, our customers, are our priority, and it is always our intention to serve you with the highest standards of customer service. Our service approach is personal, flexible, and reliable.

This approach has defined many long-term relationships with our clients—clients including tech companies, advertising agencies, educational institutions and universities, art galleries and performers, insurance and financial providers, small business owners, and more. You each matter to us.

During our history, the print industry has seen relentless change. We're a technologically-advanced company, and we don't hesitate to adopt proven, new technologies that deliver on our commitment to service, to product value, and to our benchmark of quality.

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